My Endorsements

“Kelly has a genuine concern for the health and well-being of the people of Ashland. Her work to educate and protect the public from 5G and wireless radiation have been inspiring to many around the country. Her leadership and determination would be an asset and I fully endorse her candidacy for City Council. " Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


“Kelly Marcotulli will represent Ashland‘s best interests as a new council member. Her 30 year career as a teacher has equipped Kelly with strong collaborative skills. She has the energy and commitment to Ashland‘s health and economic revival that we will need in the days and years ahead, given the ongoing Covid crisis."

Will Wilkinson


“In working with Kelly, I’ve found her to be caring, dedicated, and passionate in serving people. She is a critical thinker, understands the issues facing Ashland, and is effective at bringing large groups of people together. She will make government more transparent; and she will work with us to effect action that makes a difference in our lives.”  

Dr. Rod Newton