Shadow on Concrete Wall

My Story

A Life of Hard Work and Advocacy

Raised by loving  parents in Los Angeles, I was blessed to find Ashland

10 years ago. My husband Bruno and I adore this town; that's why I'm running. 

After studying at UCLA, I became a bilingual elementary school teacher.  My many decades as an educator, dealing with families from all ethnic backgrounds, made it clear to me that despite such diverse backgrounds, skin color, or political affiliation, all parents are deeply invested in building a brighter future for their children.  Ultimately, we are all children who deserve a better future.  : - )


  • Oregon for Safer Technology Founder and Organizer

  • Union Rep. Los Angeles Unified School District

  • Environmental Education Program Director

  • Women's History Program Lead Presenter and Organizer

Community Involvement

  • Ashland Parks and Rec Volunteer, No. Mtn. Park Docent

  • Green Bag Volunteer

  • Save Lincoln Park Committee Member