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Who Do We Trust?

At this point in our teetering existence, the public is seeking reassurance that the people we elect to public office will protect us from a variety of social ills. Our economy, our health, and our social connections need support. Covid has stabbed us in the back and the only way for us to pull ourselves up and out of this quagmire is to activate and advocate. 


I am running for City Council because I believe we need viable and protective measures to insure future solvency and safety.  In the face of declining revenue, and the extreme anxiety and uncertainty that Covid is causing, it is imperative we study all the facts, not just the ones streaming at us. 

Ashland will not fail if we come together as a stronger community, giving of our time, our resources, and our love. With volunteerism, we can help lift each other up. With true communal support, we can purchase goods in Ashland, not Amazonland. The fossil fuels burned and the jobs lost around the country due to stores like Amazon, are argument enough that we must shop local, grow local, and provide local solutions. We have hidden resources that need better examination. Housing and stability needs should be of paramount concern for the people who call Ashland home. 

You can trust me. I am a dedicated community organizer that spear-headed the defeat of the AT&T cell tower in the middle of town. I am a former elementary school teacher, an active Pilates teacher and I honor and love my family and friends.  I abhor the racial division that has destroyed faith in the American dream, and I will work to create equity and restore confidence in Ashland's leadership. 

If you would like to meet me, and hear my vision for Ashland please join me at any of the events below. 

To donate to my campaign, you can mail a check to:

Marcotulli Campaign

430 Monte Vista Dr. 

Ashland, OR 97520



You are Invited to my Meet and Greet Events:

Please join me to discuss the issues our community is facing, and the solutions needed to plot a healthier, more progressive path forward.  

* This Saturday afternoon, Oct. 3rd, 1:30-3 pm, Glenwood Park on Ashland      near Mountain 


**Sunday morning, Oct. 11th, 10:00-11, Lithia Park's Bandshell.


***Election night, Nov. 3rd, location TBA


   Please follow safety guidelines with masks and 6 ft. spatial distancing.